Tuesday, 21 February 2012

oh thy music

You know, in many ways Music is a kind of savior for us, a relief, an emotion and often times we walk away with the idea that music is just part of our lives.

I can't express how many times in my life that music has been a supportive role to me. When I'm traveling to and from a place music just kills time with me, when my emotions flare I grab my earpiece and music just soothes me, when I'm walking down the street I just can't help my need to hear the sweet symphonies my playlist has to offer and when life throws curveballs and I feel like I can't get through its like music just knows the perfect cure.

Sounds and tunes ranging from various genres such as RnB, Jazz, Rap, HipHop, Pop to Gospel, Classical to sounds of Rock, Metal, Punk and all others. The variety is endless and each genre just has its own effect. Though some may have their specific preferences you may at one point find yourself exploring other genres which are generally outside your norm, and that's perfectly okay 'cause that's what music is made for... For you to listen and enjoy in any capacity you wish...

Many people have asked me what my obsession with music is about... And here's my thing:

When my days were at its darkest and I had no one I felt I could rely on, I could trust my playlist to comfort me and to just not judge me for the way I'm feeling. My playlist doesn't ask questions, my playlist doesn't make me feel bad, my playlist doesn't judge ME, my playlist doesn't question me or second guess me and my playlist certainly doesn't tell me what I should have done right. And I know many people think that I need a life or I need friends, and that I am just an emo kid... I don't care, music is that friend to me, it has meaning and value. If people can't accept it then that's ok, I can live with it. I'm happy with music being a friend to me. And please, don't get me wrong, I do have friends, I just can't share everything with them. Especially those dark moments.

So that's just music to me. I'm not totally obsessed and I consider my love of music to be a respect to hard working artists out there trying to make it through in this industry.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment about what music means to you and what it may have helped you through.

xoxo :) till next time

Thursday, 1 December 2011

welcome to my crazy ass world!

Okay, so this blog is about music and tv and all kinds of other things, I'll smash it in here and go crazy with writing what's on my mind... Maybe a story or two in between... Let me know what you wanna read about and what you feel I should post around here, I'm kind of open to many things.

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I'm really a great person living somewhere in the crazy land of Cape Town, South Africa.

Any other info??? Uuurrr well, you're welcome to ask me.

So welcome to my crazy ass world and I hope you're here to stay ;)